Todd Armstong


Executive Director | Sports & Entertainment Division

Cal DRE #01256537

Who is Todd Armstrong?

"At Compass, we pride ourselves on our experience and dedication to our most private clients,” says Armstrong. “We regularly work with top brokers, agents, attorneys and business managers to ensure our client's real estate needs are met with professionalism and discretion. Through Compass we can provide assistance locally, throughout the United States and across the world.

Todd Armstrong is a seasoned expert who embodies integrity, honesty, and extreme discretion in every client experience and brings this wealth of real estate experience to his role. Todd Armstrong has worked with some of the biggest names in the professional sports and music industry and has assembled a team of professionals who understand the unique expectations that each client brings to the table.

Adding to his toolbox he recently completed Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management Certification from Cornell University. Todd also specializes in hotel sales and valuations working with some of largest portfolio managers and buyers in the world.

Todd also has earned numerous awards including:

  • 2016, 2017 & 2018 Recognition of Excellence awarded by the San Diego Union Tribune

  • 2017 Metro Agent of the Year

  • 2018 Outstanding Real Estate agent at the 43rd Annual Nicky Awards​​​​​​​

Todd Armstong
Todd Armstong
Ryan Dick - Armstrong & Associates


Cal DRE#01951618

Hailing from the Midwest, Ryan brings traditional values and a deep commitment to client service. He began his career in the private banking industry, partnering with high-end clients and their families for their investment and lending needs—quickly earning their trust in his expert personalized advice that would best suit their financial goals. Calling San Diego home since 2008, Ryan has extensive knowledge of the San Diego market and leverages the business relationships he built from his many successful years in the banking sector. An experienced active listener that he uses to deliver actionable insights, Ryan has been helping clients make the biggest-purchase-of-their-lives for years from the lending side, and utilizes those skills to smoothly guide his clients through the home-buying process.

With a charismatic charm that he matches with sincerity and a true Midwest work ethic, Ryan has the experience to serve your real estate needs. In addition to spending time with his best sidekick, his dog Kora, he actively donates his time and resources to the health and wellbeing of the San Diego community via his work on various charities and foundations, including Aids Walk, Eddie Conlon Youth Fund and MARYAH – the Metro Area Real Estate Professionals for Young Adult Housing to name a few.
JOHN HERNANDEZ - Armstrong & Associates


Cal DRE # 01990576
Originally from San Antonio, Texas, John was part of a Navy family and moved often, but finally found his home in San Diego. He decided to pursue his own military career and joined the U.S. Navy working as a Naval Aircrewman/Rescue Swimmer and as a Navy Hospital Corpsman deployed with the U.S. Marine Corps. Following this Naval career he decided to launch into the aviation community and became a founding member of Virgin America working as a flight attendant. With his many years in customer service, he has the experience, patience and foresight to anticipate problems before they arise and more importantly, provide solutions and negotiate the best possible outcome for his clients. His organizational and negotiation tactics are unmatched in the real estate industry. Many of his clients become lifelong friends so he really prides himself on providing amazing service to all his clients and his favorite part of the transaction is when he hands over the keys and watching the smiles light up their face. Additionally, he is highly skilled in design and staging and showing a seller exactly what it’s going to take to sell their home.
Scott Robeson - Armstrong & Associates


Cal DRE # 02019463

Scott, born and raised in San Diego, is a highly motivated and accomplished sales and marketing leader with 10 years of experience in direct sales, strategic partnerships, project management, client development, marketing, and digital engagement. He is a socially fearless salesperson with proven ability to cultivate relationships, engage customers and align interests in order to successfully close deals.

He began his career in the insurance industry. Licensed nationwide, Scott was a consecutive top agent with well over 1,000 new clients and 7 figure sales results. Scott specialized in large-scale investment policies for affluent clients all the way down to short-term policies for your everyday consumer.

Scott is a naturally born salesperson but also has an innate passion for the creative side of things. After a 7 year run in the insurance industry, Scott was called to take over as Vice President of the family business, Robeson Design, the world's most-watched interior design firm on broadband television. Serving as the Vice President, Scott developed portfolio growth of new residential and commercial clientele, which resulted in quadrupling revenue into the 7 figures within 9 months. He expanded brand awareness by enhancing utilization of digital and social media channels into international markets resulting in international portfolio growth. Scott has managed projects anywhere from small residential remodels to multi-million dollar commercial expansions.

Combined with his passion for sales, Scott can also leverage his eye for high-end design to deliver the whole package when listing your property or helping you find your dream home. Cultivating relationships, social media, marketing, and top-level sales are a few of the many things Scott brings to the table as your Realtor.

As a Realtor for Compass, San Diego's leading Real Estate Company, Scott has the remarkable education, training, support and marketing power to take care of your home buying & selling needs. Combining his sales and negotiating expertise along with his social media branding connection to millions worldwide, Scott is the Realtor for

Jill Eastman - Armstrong Estates


Cal DRE # 01809507

No stranger to adversity, Jill Eastman was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 18 months of age. Experiencing this early on has endowed Jill with a fierce determination and a sense of empathy for people from all walks of life. In 2005, after waiting 9 nine years on the Diabetes Research Institute’s waiting list, she received 2 organ transplants, as part of a medical research study – allowing her to become “insulin free”. Her journey has given her courage and eagerness to stand for her clients. In January 2017, Jill Eastman was recognized as a Top Performer by the San Diego Association of Realtors for being in the Top 5% of all Realtors in San Diego County – an Association of 28,000 professional agents.

*“Being in the real estate industry since 2003, I’ve been on all sides – as a Realtor®, Broker, Investor, & Property Manager. It’s with a very humble heart, that I can honestly say, that very few people active to this day can understand this business as much as I. Every day I strive to deliver real results & a uniquely different perspective on real estate matters. I am proud of my accomplishments – all the while knowing that this success is because of and due to my CLIENTS.”*

I am excited to be joining Compass to continue to expand my skills and knowledge base, as well as bring my exceptional customer service to my clients, past, present and future!

Sofia Arthur - Armstrong Estates

Sofia Arthur​​​​​​​

With Quality, Honesty, and Integrity at the forefront of every transaction and interaction, I pride myself on being a trustworthy Realtor® who provides first-class service for every client and all parties involved. With an undergraduate degree from San Diego State University in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources, I have coupled my education with business and hospitality experience to provide home buyers and sellers with the support and guidance needed to make sure they are making the right move. I am a tenacious advocate for my clients and would love to connect and help make your next real estate transaction a success.

My life is dedicated to supporting others during times of change.

I will never forget the moment I left my hometown of Sweden and moved to San Diego in pursuit of my college degree. I was faced with stepping out of my comfort zone, meeting new people and learning how to fluently speak a new language to both understand others and be understood. Needless to say, I was in search of a new place to call home.

When you consider that a home search typically lasts 10 weeks, you will want support from someone you trust, connect with and frankly, enjoy spending time with. When I learned that 44% of home buyers felt nervous throughout the entire process, I knew something needed to change and became determined to step in and alleviate that pain.

Looking back, this was always the type of work I was meant to do.

After a career in human resources and numerous life ventures, I realized I wanted to scale my reach and impact on others. Considering that buying a home is likely the largest purchase, and the biggest transition in your life, I knew this was where people would look for both professional and dependable support.

I want to make sure the home buying/selling process is not only less stressful but actually enjoyable.

My experience and education in human resources taught me the importance of communication in order to clearly meet expectations and work through difficult tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Through my experience in hospitality, I came to understand the value of providing customer service that not only meets but exceeds expectations and the sense of gratitude generated from genuine support.

When we work together you won’t just be purchasing a property, you will be deciding what you want your new home to be.

I would be honored to guide and support you through this process.